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Best Place To Buy Earrings For Guys

Novelty earrings can range from bright neon shapes circling your ear, to dangling daggers or a hoop with cartoon animal hanging from it. The best part about novelty earrings is that there are no rules. Simply pick a pair that speaks to you and let the rest fall into place.

best place to buy earrings for guys

If you're wanting to go the cheaper route, you might consider a pair of lab diamonds stud earrings. Lab diamonds are 30-70% cheaper than mined diamonds of the same grade. Just be aware they don't have the best value diamond earrings for resale.

I have to say that James Allen is only the best place to buy diamond stud earrings, but not the best place to buy diamond earrings with fashion flair. They're severely lacking in diamond fashion earrings.

While other retailers in our top 5 have top quality loose diamonds, Blue Nile is considered one of my pick for best online store for diamond earrings. That's because no other retailer compares to their selections.

I really like how their options differ from most of the other guys on the list. Most of the build-your-own earrings are limited to the round diamond and sometimes the princess cut, but Blue Nile has added the Asscher cut as an option.

When you buy earrings, they usually have one of two earring back styles: friction backs or screw backs. There are other types around, but these two are regarded as the best earring backs, and are the most common that come with pieces from jewelry stores or costume jewelry

Beyond the initial price of your earrings, think about the maintenance on them that they might require. Do your research. The best value diamond earrings might not be the cheapest. But they'll last longer.

To get the best deal on diamond earrings, look for someone that offers a lifetime warranty. While some repairs are not covered by certain warranties, a lot of places will do a lot of the routine care that is regularly needed under warranties.

For instance, a man with a round face should wear earrings that have vertical length, like emerald shaped diamonds, to make his face appear longer and balance out the roundness. Conversely, a man with a long face would look best with round earrings such as circle cut diamond solitaires.

With up to a dozen or more different types of earrings available at Ponsonbys in GTA 5, players can choose which ones they think suit Franklin the best. The 'De Koch Platinum Studs' earrings are the most expensive at $5,250, but worth seem well worth the price. They add a bit more affluence and panache to the character.

Again, no right or wrong answer here. The size could be as small and as large as a man feels comfortable to wear, and confident to carry! KuberBox stylists suggest an optimum size for earrings with solitaires or single stones to be at least 4 mm while designs without diamonds tend to be bigger, maybe around 8-9 mm. The best way to go about this is to measure your ear lobe and then decide how much of it would you like to cover with the earring.

Getting your ears pierced is an exciting experience, and so is picking your first pair of earrings! There are a few factors to consider when choosing your earrings, including figuring out the style you like, deciding which type of metal to get, and picking a place to get your ears pierced. If you're unsure of what kind of earrings to get, you can always ask a professional piercer for advice. 041b061a72


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