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Shattered Psycho Online Script GUI Hack (INFI... !LINK!

Pushkin provides a suite of tools for conducting massive online experiments and citizen science projects for psychology and the cognitive sciences. It addresses both the design challenges of internet-scale research (recruiting subjects, running longitudinal studies, machine-assisted experimental design, etc.) and the technical challenges (webserver setup and configuration, data security, real-time backups and version control, auto-scaling, etc.). To achieve these ends, Pushkin draws on a wide range of software and hardware technologies. Thus, in addition to being a software framework, Pushkin can be thought of as a collection of best practices.

Shattered Psycho Online Script GUI Hack (INFI...

Much to the annoyance of psychologists, modern computers were not designed to carefully time stimulus presentation or record reaction times. Experiment software such as E-Prime or Psychophysics Toolbox uses clever software work-arounds to achieve precise timing (Kleiner, Brainard, & Pelli, 2007; Schneider, Eschman, & Zuccolotto, 2002). Experiments that run through browsers face additional hurdles, though most of these, too, can be overcome with clever software workarounds (Adenot & Wilson, 2016; Barnhoorn, Haasnoot, Bocanegra, & van Steenbergen, 2015; Chetverikov & Upravitelev, 2016; de Leeuw & Motz, 2016; Hilbig, 2016; Reimers & Stewart, 2015; Simcox & Fiez, 2014; Slote & Strand, 2016). Indeed, subtle reaction-time studies have been successfully run online for more than a decade (e.g., Crump, McDonnell, & Gureckis, 2013; Keller, Troesch, & Grob, 2015; Nosek et al., 2002; Slote & Strand, 2016).

To be clear: some questions cannot (yet) be addressed through massive online experiments for methodological reasons, such as those that currently require magnetic resonance imaging. Likewise, some populations, such as babies, remain difficult to recruit and test online (though see Scott & Schulz, 2017). However, the wide-spread use of online studies gives an indication of just how many research questions can be addressed online (see Stewart et al., 2017). For example, one compendium of online studies for volunteers (i.e., not studies run through Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc.) finds it necessary to subdivide the hundreds of active experiments into 22 categories: cognition, consumer psychology, cyber psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, emotions, environmental, forensic psychology, gender, general psychology, health psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, judgment and decision making, mental health, personality, positive psychology, psychology and religion, relationships, sensation and perception, sexuality, social cognition, and social psychology ( ).

A number of recent scandals have involved individuals collecting and distributing private social media data on a massive scale without permission, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal or the OKCupid hack (Grassegger & Krogerus, 2017; Zimmer, 2016). This has led to concerns that about online research with regard to privacy and data security (e.g., Xu, 2018).

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