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Microsoft Arc Keyboard Not Working

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is an app that helps you make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse. Mouse and Keyboard Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC.

microsoft arc keyboard not working

Weighing in at less than a pound, the Arc Keyboard is easy to move from room to room throughout the house, and its domed keyset comfortably rests on the lap so people can kick back on the couch or type away on the kitchen counter. It includes a snap-in Nano transceiver that is so small it can remain plugged in to the computer at all times, or can be magnetically snapped in the bottom of the keyboard for storage. With its unique, compact design, the Arc Keyboard becomes a functional and stylish part of any living space.

When it comes to functionality, there is nothing ground breaking here. Form and design is where the Arc Keyboard excels. The industrial designers at Microsoft took inspiration from modern home accessories like flatware, lighting fixtures and vases. The result is a modern and simple keyboard that fits neatly into the home. The designers concentrated on creating a peripherial well suited for home use. We are used to seeing keyboards front and center in our office. The home, however, is meant to be more comfortable and inviting, and so is the Arc Keyboard.

Its light and thin structure make this keyboard feel delicate, but not flimsy. For home use I would recommend treating it more like a nice vase and not a throw pillow. The keys themselves are standard black matte, but the sleek black body surrounding the keys is quick to collect fingerprints. The small form makes the keyboard easily mobile within the home, but this is not designed to be a travel keyboard. The already small keyboard does not minimize and is not sold with a traveling case like the Arc Mouse.

A low profile 2.4GHz USB transceiver provides wireless connection to your computer. For convenience the USB dongle magnetically snaps to the bottom of the keyboard for storage. The Arc Mouse also uses this concept. For basic functionality, no software is required. Set up is as easy as plugging in the USB transceiver. There is an initial keyboard recognition that runs on a Mac. To customize your keys to fit your needs, Microsoft offers a PC and Mac version of IntelliType Pro. With IntelliType Pro software, you can reassign many of the keys to open a program, file, or Web page, or to perform commands, such as Search. Each application you use can have different key assignments. You can disable keys you sometimes press accidentally, like CAPS LOCK.

The keyboard may be powered off and on to conserve battery life. A green indicator light on the upper right hand corner flashes 3 times for off and 1 long green flash for on. The green light does not remain on when the unit is on.

I am guessing the keyboard was designed after the success of the Arc Mouse and perhaps by different design teams. The Arc Mouse comes in several different colors , but for now the Arc Keyboard is only sold in black. The two are sold separately and require their own USB transceiver.

Granted most gamers use W,S,A,D keys to move about the rest use the arrow keys. I am guessing that anyone using this keyboard would quickly convert to w,s,a,d keys. And i personally would have to change half the shortcuts i have in my fav 3d software, most been combination of shift ctrl or alt and the arrow keys.

If you have a PC in your living room, you want an integrated keyboard / mouse combo. Even if you have a separate mouse / remote combo, the few times you pick up your keyboard, you do not want to pick up a separate mouse. It is just frustrating trying to juggle multiple things in your hands in a typical living room situation.

Microsoft's Arc keyboard takes a very different approach to typing than your regular bog-standard offering. But does that mean that it's a better, more comfortable, experience? We put it to task writing news and reviews for Pocket-lint to find out.

While the small footprint of the Microsoft Arc makes for a great portable keyboard we aren't so sure about the whole package. Some will immediately read that to mean that we struggled to get to grips with the arc/curved design and that has therefore tainted our view of the overall experience.

That isn't the case. Yes it's uncomfortable at first, and for some it won't be comfortable in the long run, but we're okay with that. It works, and you just get used to it. It certainly isn't as crazy as the company's ergonomic split keyboard of the mid-90s.

There is a reason the Microsoft Arc Keyboard is called the Microsoft Arc, and that's because of the arc in its design. That doesn't mean you're buying something that looks like a banana, but one that raises upwards in an arc shape as you get to the centre of the keyboard.

What that means in the real world is that the "G" and "H" keys are considerably higher than the caps lock and return key. The idea behind this is to fit the natural slant in your hands in the same way that you hold a mouse, and yes as you can imagine that change in hand positioning, although slight, is uncomfortable at first. It's as if your hand is about to fall off the keyboard, and is a very strange feeling.

So what do you get? The keyboard loses out on a separate number pad to make sure that it achieves that arc shape. Shortcut keys are virtually non-existent, with really only volume controls getting a look in. Unlike Microsoft keyboards in the past there is no irrelevant "open mail" or "open browser" buttons but disappointingly no multimedia playback buttons either.

Style-wise, the gloss black colouring is smart although the build quality isn't that great. Our test unit was wobbly on its feet at first, but this was soon fixed by grabbing the keyboard and flexing it in the opposite direction. A bendy keyboard with plenty of give in it isn't really what you want.

The wireless design makes for a cleaner desk, however it's also worth noting that with no USB sockets on board you can't connect your mouse to the keyboard. The upshot of this is that you'll lose another USB socket on your computer. Not a biggie, but if you've only got two sockets on your laptop, it's something worth bearing in mind.

Measuring 12.2 by 6.1 inches and weighing less that a pound, the Arc Keyboard is flat along the sides and the front of the keyboard. It rises along the top center, so that your hands are closer to a natural position when typing.

Have you recently purchased a Microsoft Arc Touch mouse for your PC operating system, and it is not working correctly? Unfortunately, you are not alone, as this is a regular complaint from many users.

Keep your PC components drivers working perfectly without putting your PC at risk.Free trialVisit websiteDisclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

If the Microsoft Arc mouse is not working on your PC, it might be because of minor glitches. The Bluetooth troubleshooter should help diagnose the cause of these glitches and recommend applying the fixes.

It is unclear how long will the batteries last on regular usage of the keyboard, but the Microsoft Arc Keyboard is best to be used not as your main keyboard (unless if your desktop space is really small).If you have a Media Center or Xbox 360 at home, the Arc Keyboard is perfect to be placed in your living room. Or if you like to watch a movie on your computer from the comfort of your bed, then having the Arc Keyboard around is handy if you are too lazy to get up.

And another question may be: (to developer of drivers) are you able to programming a single day on your Microsoft Keyboard without detach your hands for keyboard for an interval of 6 (six!!!) seconds ?

After you plug the device in you may need to press the sync button on one or both the device and receiver. I have used multiple Microsoft based wireless devices, keyboard and mouse and they have always worked fine. In fact, you should be able to use a single receiver plugged into a USB port for both devices as they should be intercompatible.

The wireless adapter in question, which came from one of his clients who accidentally bent it while it was plugged into a laptop, refused to be recognized by a computer under any circumstances. After sliding out the metal casing for the USB plug and snapping off the plastic housing, [The Equalizor] discovered that the slightly bent exterior hid a deeply cracked PCB. Then, with an inspection of the severed traces and lifted components, it was simply a matter of reflowing solder a few times to try to make the board whole again. Once the dongle was confirmed working, a new 3D shell was printed for it, replacing the original which had to be broken off.

Our office uses Logitech wireless keyboards and mice and never have issues with cross-pairing. Actual pairing is never lost in case of batteries dying or being changed. Never heard of any issues with these.

I managed to get the thing working (with tweezers and a fine-tipped soldering iron) well enough to grab a single copy of everything. Sometimes I wonder what the data would really have been worth to her or her boss.

During playback you can use Space to pause / resume. The OK key (duplicates Enter) functions as the OK button on the Logitech Wii, which is nice! I still use the remote mostly (habit) but keyboard is probably a little faster.

The scroll area has a wonderful haptic feedback (that's geek for "it vibrates when you scroll with it") that is adjustable with drivers. This attempts to simulate the "scroll-wheel nubbins" that regular mice have. It's a great little feature and I appreciate it. It gives you a sense of "it's working" without having to look at the mouse.

For wireless keyboards, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and you can connect to your device in the Settings menu. You can repair a connection by manually disconnecting and reconnecting your device.

When the Device Manager opens, scroll through and expand the Keyboard section. Right-click the keyboard you want to check and select Update driver to check for updates.


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